Cloudy Pool Water

We’ve all seen cloudy pool water, but how does an expert pool service figure out so quickly what is causing it? The first thing we would check at Pool Heaven is the pool water chemistry. Is there enough chlorine immediately comes to mind. If we find that the chlorine level is low or at zero, … Read more

What is the Best Pool Filter in Tustin?

The 3 most popular pool filters in Tustin are the diatamaceous earth filter, cartridge filter, and sand filter. Diatamaceous earth or d.e. is the most popular pool filter in Orange County, Ca.¬†Cartridge filters are gaining in popularity though and Sand filters are the least popular.A Cartridge Pool Filter is More GreenCartridge filters are considered the … Read more

Never Drain Your Swimming Pool in Orange County, Ca.!

Swimming pool water should be replaced every 5 to 10 years in the Orange County, Ca. area. This is, because evaporation takes fresh water out of the pool and leaves all the minerals and byproducts added from tap water, chemicals, and bodies in the pool water. Pool water recycling also called pool water purification will … Read more