Best Pool Algae Treatment

pool algae treatment

One of the most common problems we face with new pool service customers is the pool algae problem. Pool algae also called yellow algae can grow in perfect pool water chemistry too. The best pool algae treatment starts with super chlorinating our pool water to about 20 ppm to 30 ppm free, available chlorine. We … Read more

Smelly Pool Water In Huntington Beach May Not Be From Too Much Chlorine

smelly pool water

We commonly hear new customers complain about their smelly pool water. They are interested in hiring Pool Heaven, because they think their current pool service is too aggressive with the chlorine. Smelly pool water is usually created from chemical compounds called chloramines formed by chlorine combined with nitrogen containing contaminants. Put simply, chloramines are chemical … Read more

Decorate your Patio for Under $150 in Irvine Ca.

Let’s add to our previous article “Refresh your Yard with Some Spring Cleaning” with this article which will help you decorate your patio. We added some color and life to our pool yard for under $150. We followed our last article and created our blank slate with some cleaning, pressure washing, and landscaping. Here are … Read more

Find Expert Irvine Swimming Pool Service

pool algae problem

You want to know that your Irvine swimming pool service is legal, insured, experienced, and easy to communicate with. Let me start by saying that a swimming pool service needs to have a Ca. State Contractor’s License to perform swimming pool service repairs over $500 of value including the equipment and/or parts no matter who … Read more