Smelly Pool Water In Huntington Beach May Not Be From Too Much Chlorine

smelly pool water

We commonly hear new customers complain about their smelly pool water. They are interested in hiring Pool Heaven, because they think their current pool service is too aggressive with the chlorine. Smelly pool water is usually created from chemical compounds called chloramines formed by chlorine combined with nitrogen containing contaminants. Put simply, chloramines are chemical … Read more

Refresh your Yard with Some Newport Beach Spring Cleaning

It’s the beginning of March and the weather is signaling warm weather is not far away. It’s time to inspect and prepare for some outdoor Newport Beach spring cleaning. The first step to building your inviting pool yard is excellent Newport Beach pool service and then you need to cultivate your pool yard for entertainment … Read more

Pool Cleaning Enhances your Swimming Pool and Life

Most hotels and resorts have swimming pools or spas, because they are valued by the traveling public. You should be using your beautiful amenity as much as possible. This article aims to enhance your swimming pool and spa experience. Search our blog for one of our articles about hiring expert pool cleaning service if you … Read more

Balance Your Spa Water in Irvine, Ca.

In addition to draining your spa every month or two, you need to add a water sanitizer and balance your spa water to keep contaminants out. Many people do not like the smell and feel of the two, popular sanitizers, chlorine or bromine, but they are absolutely necessary to keep your spa water safe and clear.We have … Read more

Safe Spa Water in Irvine, Ca.!

One of the most common misconceptions in pool and spa ownership is that spas are easy to take care of, because they are so much smaller than swimming pools. This is not true, but they are smaller and require less physical effort to keep  clean, so long as you have a few basic components. Some basic items … Read more